The Ultimate Crypto Ecosystem for Decentralized Services

L-Finance is a DeFi platform redefined. It is a complete DeFi ecosystem of decentralized products based on DAO governance.

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What is L-Finance?

L-Finance is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and an ecosystem designed to provide innovative and effective decentralized crypto products.

Enter the next generation of financial innovation through our launchpad, decentralized exchange, lending protocol, vesting, and tier system in a secure, transparent, and globally accessible way.

LFi Token

A great ecosystem comes with a
great token: LFi

LFi is the native token of the L-Finance ecosystem. It is developed on BNB Chain with BEP-20 Technology, which has a total supply of 400 million units.

Beginning January 2023, LFi will be listed on several exchanges and price-tracking websites. It will be used for trades and transactions and to be vested as vLFi.


vLFi supply - M
320 M

80 Million vLFi Rewards


5613.14 %

* All figures are estimates provided for your convenience only, and by no means represent guaranteed returns.

We believe in DAO

A DAO is a member-owned community with no centralized leadership. It means L-Finance is owned by you.

The ecosystem works with a decentralized voting mechanism established by the rules governing the blockchain. Members can vote on proposals, and those who get the most votes will receive a budget that will be allocated for the growth and development of the whole project.

Our Secret Weapon? Cloud Minting Service

Cloud Minting is a hardware rental service that mints LFi tokens.

Each user can rent a Cloud Minting hardware in a remote location. No more hardware management or troubleshooting.
By providing terabytes and hashrate through their rented hardware, users enjoy the power of Cloud Minting hassle-free while receiving rewards in LFi tokens.

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Project Docs

Discover more about L-Finance, read the documentation.