LFi Bridge

Connecting multiple blockchains to bring more users together.

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Why LFi-Bridge?

Switch between blockchains with ease

LFi Bridge facilitates listing and trading LFi tokens across various chains. Users can convert their LFi tokens from Polygon to other chains like ERC20 using decentralized wallets. Post conversion, these tokens can be traded on any exchange where LFi is listed.

Bridging Blockchains 

LFi Bridge supports ETH and Polygon chains in its initial stage. More networks will be accessible for the users in the future.

Security - focused architecture 

The architecture is designed with a focus on maintaining the utmost security standards to safeguard user assets during the bridging process.
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Why Take the LFi Bridge? 

LFi Bridge is designed to enable the listing and trading of LFi tokens anywhere. It enables users to connect the LFi Chain to other blockchains.